Why Golpik? - About Us

Why Golpik?

A Reliable, Result Oriented & Relationship Driven Company to Be Your Technological Partner

Most businesses function just fine with average software agencies, especially if the
domains are well-structured and the problems are not unique. The processes take longer
than necessary but they hardly get there.

If, on the other side, you are planning to start a new project and you are not certain
whether the business goals you have envisioned can be accomplished, your budget is
tight or you need to accelerate at rapid pace. Then you need a trustworthy, relationship
based and result oriented agency that can confidently say “We can do it for you”

What Makes Us Different?


Communication Is The Key - We Communicate Clearly And Listen Carefully

The one important trait that our customers love about us is our clear communication. We focus on explaining complex information to non-technical people to the point where they can envision their project at every step of development and feel confident about our approach. We also listen carefully to the uncertainties our clients have in their mind and drill down with questions to clarify the problems that need to be resolved.


Splitting A Large Complex Problem Into Solvable Small Elements

We focus on untying tangled knots of a problem and find a way to a solution by splitting it into discrete elements and address each of those elements separately.


We Look Beyond The Problem At Hand

We never take anything we see at the face value. We drive our decisions based on reliable data; we look beyond fixing the bugs to analyze if they are the symptoms of some larger problems. We focus on logical conclusions.


We Add Value At Every Step

We immerse ourselves in the project to the point where we always know what business goal we are trying to achieve with the project at hand. We add value at every step by frequently asking questions, evaluating our directions and never let the project go off-track.


Methodical Thought Process - Abstract Thinking

Abstract thinking is what sets us apart from the competition. We apply scientific methods, think through all the possible scenarios of an algorithm, challenge assumptions, and dig deep into the project- are all the aspects of our though process.


Your Business Is Special, So Is Our Approach

Your pain points may be similar to those of other businesses but your goals and objective are unique. That’s why our approach to build your application has a complete team of people dedicated to knowing about the business problems you require help solving.

How Can We Be of Service?

Contact us to get started on your custom software solutions to get
your business moving in the right direction!