4 Benefits of HealthCare Mobile App Development in the Industry

4 Benefits of Mobile App Development in HealthCare Industry

Quite recently, mobile app development has revolutionized the ways we use to interact on digital landscape. With a plethora of smartphone users across the globe, mobile apps have changed everything on all business verticals. That’s why; we have now entirely improved processes and increased accessibility more than ever, just because of mobile application development

Health industry emerged as the quick adopter of mobile application development and mobile platforms. And, it is easy to note that this industry is embracing this technology at warp speed to build mobile apps for seamless interaction between patients, practices and medical staff (Doctors, practitioners and pharmacist etc.). It is, therefore, imperative for us to give special heed to overall well-being of an individual.

Well, if you’re wondering, is it possible to imagine a society where disease, pain and sufferings- may go extinct? Then, it is possible.

Good news is – Mobile application for health industry, commonly termed as mHealth, is all set to innovate industry in the near future.

At a big scale, things have already begun to take shape. Mobile app development is going to open up new avenues of advancement for upcoming generations.


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Research2guidance, market analyst and strategy consultancy company, highlights ever increasing correlation between mobile app development and health industry:

“Top ten mobile health apps account for up to four million free downloads, and 300,000 paid downloads a day.”

That’s why; I’m sharing benefits of mobile app development in health industry and they will help in understanding that how come this technology has wide scope in health industry.


1- Ease of Tracking and Storing Information about Patient and Medication History

tracking information


This quick rise of mobile app development has unleashed healthcare industry from stereotypical methodologies and we’ve leverage now to improve health care with agile and disruptive practices, and this is just because we’ve mobile apps.

It is not bad to say that healthcare practices have gone to another level just because we have highly responsive, purposely-built applications to help patients and paramedic staff at the same time.

One of the uses of mobile devices by health care professionals is that it has transformed many aspects of clinical practices. Undeniably, mobile app development for healthcare domain is nothing less than a blessing. Thinking why? because it’s easy for doctors and medical staff to track and store information about patient and medication history in couple of clicks.

Likewise, healthcare apps assist doctors to keep themselves updated with current status of their patients.
Today, the prescriptions of the doctors are digitized and they can be accessed by patients on their smartphones – anytime, anywhere.

2- Management of Data in Real-Time

data management

One of the key benefits of mobile app development in Health industry is that data can be managed easily in real-time.

Yes. In real-time.

Since healthcare happens in real-time and as health industry is becoming further empowered by mobile app development, a growing number of health-related apps provide event-driven and real-time data feeds.

The capability of accessing data in real-time can doctors, clinicians, and patients in crunch moments. Well, health industry isn’t novice to leverage real-time days, numerous other industries i.e. Finance, Retail and banking etc. have also benefitted from real-time data, and they are thriving unstoppably. All-in-all, real-time data processing is way much protected ad time-sensitive as compared to traditional batch-data environments that is less time sensitive and it can only be extracted sporadically.

One of the more relatable advancements in the real-time data field is the development of healthcare ‘notifications’ or ‘alerts’ similar to those of modern social media platforms. This proactive feature allows notification in a similar way when you’re using any social media network such as Facebook. For more ease of a patient, clinicians can configure alerts to more specific things i.e. an admission to the emergency department, a lab test, or a patient discharge.
All-in-all, mobile apps for healthcare industry has made it easy for all doctors, clinicians and medical staff to mange data of their patients, that too in real-time. Assuredly, this innovation will wipe out chances of data loss and any discrepancy for betterment of all people involved.

Further, if you are inquisitive enough to know how come is it possible for anybody( Doctor and/or Clinician) to benefit from management of data in real-time, then this image below is showing process clearly:

data management

3- Appointment Booking and Scheduling

appointment booking

In today’s era of smartphones and internet, people living in far remote areas can also benefit from best medical practices, all they need is an app.

Beyond a doubt, they can book their appointments with doctors, can purchase medicine online without going to hospital or pharmacy.

In United States of America alone, virtual healthcare industry can help save billions of dollars each year.

Yes. It’s true. Because, it is expected that by 2020, US Health Institutions would offer online self-scheduling to patients by over 66%. Well, as per studies by Statista, total number of internet users will rise to 293.9 million in USA by the same year. So, it’s not hard to speculate that this industry will be swamped with Billions as it is about to receive over $3.2 Billion by next couple of years in a value.

Health institutes across the globe are leveraging mobile technology to bridge gaps between doctors and allow doctors to send appointments to patients.

Also, these mobile apps for smartphones help hospitals diagnose patients remotely, route them to nearest medical facilities more effectively for quick check-up. Ultimately, it will help reduce strain on emergency rooms. Anyways, it is right time for medical practitioners to become serious about mobile strategy and prepare themselves for quick mobile wins.

4- HIPAA Compliant Mobile Applications

mobile application

From Startups to Healthcare mobile app development companies, they all are jumping on the bandwagon to create mobile healthcare solutions. Some are good compliant of security and safety standards while most are not. Well, every app should be safe and secure regardless of a category or a niche. Especially, when it comes to healthcare apps, it becomes inevitable to comply with government policies such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Developed in 1996 and passed by Congress, HIPAA comes to help for those people who change or lose their jobs. As a matter of fact, HIPAA compliant mobile apps help in fraud reduction. Plus, it enhances privacy for all users.

While developing eHealth apps, following are the security and data regulatory standards that you must keep in mind:

a) They are Purposeful, Effective, and Compliant

Be clear about the purpose of your health mobile app. Likewise, be ascertained that how will it function. It is imperative to evaluate how will it be used. Once, you’re clear about the app’s purpose, you will be able to hit targeted audience. Getting professional healthcare apps developer at your end will ease up entire process. Since, there’s a thin line HIPAA compliance and violation. Therefore, experience is important to keep things legal. It is crucial to understand fully how this app will be used in order to ensure compliance. Because, violation of government regulations can end you/or your business up into lawsuits and heavy fines.

b) They are Made with Good Coding Practices in Mind

To make your mHealth apps easy-to-use, always use good coding standards because mobile apps for health industry are made with good coding practices in mind. To escalate enhanced communication along with iron-clad security, standards-based coding i.e. HL7 or ICD-10 will be enough to make communication secure.

c) eHealth Apps are User-Centric

eHealth apps should be user-centric. It may seem hard-nut-to-crack but it is NOT impossible. It’s a magic of mobile development that has eased up repeated testing to maintain HIPAA compliance without losing time, energy and money. Maybe, you’ve missed something with your UX that’s problematic or it can be anything. Therefore, repeatedly testing your mobile app is helpful for ensuring privacy and security at all stages. That’s why; always take credible mobile app development company onboard and everything else will be as easy as A-B-C.

Final Words – How Mobile App Development can be Helpful for Health Industry?

Well, we discussed how mobile app development can be helpful for health industry here. Likewise, how come doctors and hospital can benefit from mobile technology to offer quick and flawless services to the patients anytime. Healthcare apps for smartphones are the need of the hour as they have simplified lives of millions of people across the globe and it happened because of mobile app development. Apart from technical aspects, mobile health apps are also useful for commercial purposes as well. For example, they help in strengthening customer satisfaction because they feel valued and cared.

Finally, mobile app development is immensely beneficial for health industry as it has made everything easy for everybody from doctors and hospitals to patients. Well, what do you think of mobile app development for health industry? Feel free and share your thoughts in a comment section below.

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