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MEAN Stack – A Popular Choice for Web App Development



Ever wonder what makes MEAN Stack popular amongst developers? This blog highlights why MEAN Stack is the best-suited choice for delivering dynamic websites and apps with optimum speed and high performance.

With the help of standardized software that follows a consistent approach and is readily available in the tech world, developers can build websites and web applications without having to build them up from scratch. Today’s business world demands the creation of rapid application prototypes with super-flexible designs that are easily adaptable to volatile specifications. The developers now feel the need to work with a software stack that characterizes freedom and flexibility in development, locally owned schema and in-built support. MEAN Stack is a collection of development tech that fulfills the aforementioned requirements perfectly.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is a user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework that is ideal for creating dynamic web and mobile applications. It is an acronym for the following:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

Understanding MEAN Stack Components


  • It stores data structures in a binary JSON format making it more straightforward to pass data between server and client.
  • MongoDB’s document model makes it easy to model and manipulate nearly any type of data structure.
  • It is a schema-less database with an impressive speed that does not require tables and other rigid, pre-defined schema to be created.
  • It supports almost all the major programming languages C, C++, C#, Java, Node.js, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Scala, and many more.
  • You can create clusters with real-time replication, and shard large collections across multiple clusters to sustain performance and scale horizontally.


  • It is the back-end development framework of the MEAN stack
  • Express JS manages the interactions between the frontend and the database to ensure smooth data transfer to the end-user.
  • It consists of various middleware modules with which you can perform additional tasks on request and response.
  • It can be easily integrated with various template engines such as Vash, EJS, and Jade.
  • It is fast, minimalistic and is probably the best framework for Node.js


  • Angular JS server is a JavaScript front-end framework used to develop the user-facing side of the application.
  • It makes testing and debugging much easier by providing unit testing and end-to-end testing.
  • This framework is useful to develop single-page apps that won’t need the users to keep on refreshing pages while they check them out.
  • User-friendly templates and powerful performance make it the preferred front-end framework


  • Being built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine makes the Node.js library fast in code execution
  • It simplifies the development of web applications by providing a rich library of various JavaScript modules which
  • It is based on an event-driven architecture that runs on a single thread and a non-blocking IO.
  • It’s scalable and can support millions of connections simultaneously.

Reasons to Choose MEAN Stack        

  • Flexibility

Whether it’s a complex task or the client asks to build single-page applications or difficult apps; MEAN STACK can effectively handle projects of all sizes and companies. Applications can be developed, tested and deployed easily without any hassle. It also allows you to host the application on a cloud in case you want to test the web application after development.

  • Cost-Effective

The developers have to be proficient at just JavaScript hence hiring cost is less as fewer developers are needed to develop apps using the MEAN Stack. As opposed to this, the LAMP stack requires developers who are experts in Apache, MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP.

  • Isomorphic Coding

The codes that are written once in any framework can be reused within any other framework that the developers want. You should choose MEAN Stack to develop a web or mobile app for your next business idea to get amazing results without being charged for re-writing the same codes for the different frameworks.

  • Scalability

When the need arises, you can add features, functionalities, or any other upcoming business requirements. It also contains a set of additional libraries and reusable modules that significantly accelerate the speed of the development and saves a lot of time.

  • Reusability

Node.js is the ideal technology for online and mobile apps due to its non-blocking architecture, which makes it an efficient option. Angular.js is a leading open-source JavaScript framework that also offers a high level of reusability and maintenance.

  • One Stack, One Language

All of the frameworks in the MEAN stack use the same programming language, Javascript. JavaScript frameworks solve many issues such as maintenance, troubleshooting and optimization for the best user experience.

When to Use MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack is ideal for developing a wide range of applications, from dynamic single-page applications to complex apps. Here are some of the most commonly developed apps with MEAN Stack:

  • Enterprise apps
  • Web apps using big data
  • Real-time applications (social networks, chats, and forums)
  • Multimedia streaming apps
  • News aggregator apps
  • Navigation apps (location and mapping)
  • Complimentary business apps

Let’s sum it up

MEAN stack is regarded as the most suitable and widely used technology by developers to build a website for a startup business or a well-established organization using popular JS frameworks. It helps your build a simple, versatile, and open-source solution that can be most lucrative. MEAN Stack Developers at Golpik are highly equipped with the knowledge and expertise to manage your front-end and back-end app development needs.

As a leading development company, we aim to deliver top-of-the-line web and mobile app solutions to help you bring your business into the digital era. Contact us to get prompt consultation and solutions to all your development concerns.    

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