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Business Challenges and Their Solutions for 2021-2022


Businesses have been affected one way or another by the Covid’19. This blog highlights key business challenges and their solutions to prepare businesses for what they will most likely have to face in 2021-2022.


COVID-19 has pushed companies all around the world over the technology tipping point, brought new business challenges, and has transformed business forever. Our way of life was slowly and gradually getting back to normal, but with the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, we might have to face a blow to optimistic hopes of the world economy entering 2022 on a firmer footing.

However, with carefully devised strategies and well-advanced preparation, the toughest challenge can be turned in your favor. Here is our list of upcoming business challenges we think you should definitely know about.

Keeping up With Industry Trends

Fast learning and the subsequent adaption to the new business context have become extremely important now more than ever before. It is time to reconsider business strategies and reimagine business models based on post-pandemic industry trends. These are questions that should be answered before you start working on the business strategies.

  • What does your industry landscape look like?
  • To what degree did the expectations of your customers change?
  • Is your operating model still the right one to serve rising customer needs?

Coping With Market Competition

All businesses are constantly thinking of how to deliver quality products and provide the best customer service to retain existing customers and achieve user base growth. You should keep a keen eye on the new services, marketing strategies, and client reviews of your competitors and industry leaders.

Legacy System Modernization

You cannot use systems that were created a decade ago as they were created with outdated tech stacks and can’t be supported or maintained with up-to-date tools. Also, hiring developers that work with obsolete tools doesn’t seem like a promising idea in terms of today’s IT market and it is time-consuming. As it says in the title, this blog has solutions for these business challenges, here is an easy solution for this one. We, at Golpik, deliver ROI-driven legacy modernization service to revamp the outdated system for improved performance, outstanding scalability, improved security, easier maintainability, and superior user experience. If you are skeptical and don’t know how it works or whether you need it or not, you can always contact us for a free consultation.

Accelerating Digital Adoption

Consumers have shifted dramatically toward digital channels, and businesses have responded in turn. One of the major reasons for industries and companies going through digital transformation is the clients’ outreach. Mobile apps, web apps, and websites have become high-value distribution channels for companies around the world. Therefore, having a strong digital presence is crucial for you to compete in the post-pandemic market. One of the biggest challenges is to identify how to provide value for your customers over the internet. Here are some solutions you should look into to overcome this challenge:

  • Create a strong online/digital presence for your brand
  • Make sure your apps and websites are updated and user friendly
  • Adjust your marketing campaigns
  • Create an effective software solution that meets your customers’ needs

Automating Business Processes

Automating the business processes accelerates employees’ workflow and allows more time for higher priority tasks. Streamlining routine operations eliminates possible mistakes caused by the human factor. You can create a comprehensive feature list after analyzing the routine processes in your company, and pass it to a software development company. Later on, engineers create your software from scratch for creating custom business automation systems tailored to your business requirements.


There has been a massive increase in the severity and volume of cyberattacks in the last few years, especially since the pandemic started. The major reasons for this increase are the global embrace of remote work arrangements and rapid migration to the cloud. You need to understand where the threats are coming from, and where your business is vulnerable. One of the common ways hackers will use employees to access sensitive data in your business model is through Phishing Scams. You can provide training to your employees as they can present a keyhole in your security profile. You must ensure that you can guarantee your employees will be able to identify issues with security before they become a massive hassle for you.


Uncertainty has become one of the greatest business challenges as the coronavirus crisis continues to deepen. Many business owners are feeling helpless and frustrated due to unprecedented rules and restrictions. The best approach to dealing with uncertainty is to focus on the factors you can control, adopt a can-do mindset and start following agile practices. You need to think and act quicker. Adopting agile practices will streamline complex development and operational processes, and facilitate the trial-and-error approach required to quickly evolve and grow a capability or a solution.


In order to keep the economy up and running while all consumers are locked in their homes, companies have no other choice but to adapt to this new reality. Business owners should start assessing a new landscape, look hard at their organization, and determine what actions need to be taken. Regardless of your business size or type, you should have a digital presence. A website, app, and social media profiles will help customers learn about your offerings, and engage with your brand. With the continuously increasing security concerns and hacking scams, it is hard finding a reliable company to provide all-crafted services for your diversified software development needs. This is where we can help you, contact us for a free consultation to discuss all your concerns and how we can add value to your company. You have to decide, will you take control to tackle these business challenges or will you brace for the next major impact?

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