Why Web Dev Companies Must Ensure Post-Sale Quality

The Importance of Ensuring Quality Service After Sale

According to Statista(World’s #1 Provider of market and consumer data); around 1.79 billion people did online purchasing only in 2017 and this number is about shoot to 1.92 billion by 2019. This statistic shows that online businesses and eCommerce are going to rank higher in all industries combined. That’s why; it is becoming indispensable for online service providers and businesses to ensure quality service even after successful sales. Though, ensuring quality after sales is one of the key factors throughout the sales cycle, yet it’s become highly ignored one lately. And, there could be hundreds of reasons why online businesses i.e. Web Development Company, are doom to fail even they’ve best products to sell and incredible services to offer. They make a huge mistake of overspending available time in hustling and grinding for finding new clients, and forget previous customers that made purchases. It is 7 times more expensive to search for new customers as compared to the previous one: who knows you, and trusts you.

Ensuring quality services after a sale has many key advantages for both business and a client/user. In this blog post, I’m going to highlight those benefits, and will provide reasons as why it is important for companies and business especially IT services and web development companies to make sure that their existing customers are happy with their services.

Keep in mind: After sales service is incalculably helpful in customer retention and customer satisfaction- this statement is enough to showcase the viability of customers’ feedback after you’ve selling your product or service.

1- You can maintain communication with your past clients even after sales. It’s a lucrative strategy to mitigate bridges between you and your customers. Send them newsletters. Share videos of your products and email them articles related to product or service and educate them. Surely, this way they are less likely to go elsewhere and you will be able to build long-lasting relationships with them.

2- A web development company should reach out to its customers after 3 – 4 weeks of making a sale. There are many sources available to connect to users: Call, Chat, eMail and social media. This contact will serve as a mark of attention. This action shows your clients’ appreciation of the product sold or service rendered.

3- You’ve built a relationship with your clients, it’s time to offer them another sale. Show your new products, invite them to buy new service, or you can persuade them to make new purchase of previously bought product.

Final Words:

On the internet, there are several ways available to offer after-sales services to customers i.e. newsletter & email marketing. With automatic sequence of personalized emails, and with the help of other available tools, a web development company can easily follow-up with customers and can avail best opportunity to retain existing and new customers and increase sales.

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