Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company

A website is the real face of a brand. It acts as a source of interaction between you and your targeted audience. So, if you’re aiming for instant online presence- building a website is inevitable for you. In a recent study, it was revealed that online visitors spend approximately 55 seconds on a website that they visit: you, as a brand, has a leverage of 50 second to use or misuse this opportunity. It is accepted fact: creating a website is not a piece-of-cake, especially for people, with little or zero technical know-how.

Since, there are thousands of web developers struggling to get your attention (and hard-earned money), how do you pick one that is reputable, affordable and easily accessible? I’ve made it simple. Start with these questions and you will definitely land on to service provider that will meet your requirements successfully:

What platforms will you use for building my website?

Is it Magento, WordPress, and Shopify? Which platform should be used for the development of your website? Definitely, a web platform is the foundation of your website and rest of it will be built on that platform. There are pros and cons to attached to it. So, you must inquire about it and make solid reasoning to gain clarity.

What research strategy do you apply before starting off web development process?

Rest assured: this question aparts amateurs from professionals. Many web developers are prone to start building website without prior research and this undisciplined approach is called ‘Cowboy Coding’ that impacts process negatively. Whereas, professionals ensure correct practices. The correct research strategy for web development starts with unique market positioning and helping your brand grow from nowhere to everywhere. In the end, asking about research is must; if you want to succeed at web development efforts.

How much time do spend on web development process?

Good web development is time-taking process. You shouldn’t rush inadvertently. Be realistic and find out how agile they are when it comes to project completion. If you’re expecting to get an amazing online site designed and launched within a week, you should rethink. Because it is rash approach. However, evaluate how quick that service provider will help out.

How much this website development will cost me?

I don’t advocate to find the cheapest, or badly priced web developer for your site. Always look for better options but don’t forget: there are many companies that charge high amount of money for petty amount of work. Remember- your website is an investment but don’t let this development become an endless money pit. A good service provider outlines everything and ensures execution of development process on mutually-decided terms and conditions.

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