10 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Ecommerce Sales

10 Best plugin for WooCommerce

WordPress is now a dominant Ecommerce platform everywhere. And, this dominance wasn’t possible without best plugins for WooCommerce.

Started in 2003, WordPress have had a tough time in reaching to the heights of success which it has now. Numerous online stores built on WordPress with WooCommerce are proof of why is it number choice of Online retailers and eStore owners.

Here is an eye-opening fact: 22% of the top 1 million Ecommerce websites you have visited or visit to buy products of your choice are WooCommerce-powered. Similarly, WooCommerce has 68% usage distribution (Which is a big success).

But, WPTavern, A site which covers news, events, reviews and plugin updates of WordPress, has something important for us to know :-

‘Only in 2018, WooCommerce powered online stores generated between $10 and $15 billion dollars.’

So, wouldn’t it be good for us to find out what are those plugins which helped WooCommerce throughout its journey to become #1 Ecommerce platform?

Therefore, I’m going to share 10 best plugins for WooCommerce in detail.

Let’s get started…… !

Just guess —— What do you do when you have to buy anything online?

You only type a word or phrase to find a required product(s) on Google search or any other search engine, and you receive an avalanche of online stores and Ecommerce sites.

Isn’t it?

It is…. Right.

But, the thing you’re NOT be well-aware of that it is WooCommerce (a WordPress Ecommerce plugin) that dominates in the entire internet – with over 68% usage distribution. Likewise, 22% of the top 1 million Ecommerce websites are based on WooCommerce.

According to WPTavern, A site which covers news, events, reviews and plugin updates of WordPress, stated that:-

‘Only in 2018, WooCommerce powered online stores generated between $10 and $15 billion dollars.’

So, wouldn’t it be good for us to go through what are those plugins which help this WooCommerce stand out in the competition?

Therefore, I’m going to share 10 best plugins for WooCommerce in detail.

Let’s get started…… !

Top 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales


1- OptinMonster


Are you tired of thinking unstoppably about how to boost Your WooCommerce Sales Conversions? OptinMonster has got you covered.


It is the best plugin for WooCommerce. It is based on high-end behavior automation platform which works best to target your visitors intelligently and help reducing cart abandonment. Most importantly, it helps boost sales conversions like magic.


1- Create user-centric forms to convert leads into customers.
2-Display personalized messages to targeted audience at the right time with behavior automation technology.
3- A/B test your Ecommerce ideas with ease and make data-based decisions in minutes.
4- Geo-Location Targeting
5- Content Lock
6- Page-Level Targeting


a) Basic Package = $ 9/mo
b) Plus Package = $ 19/mo
c) Pro Package = $ 29/mo
d) Growth Package = $ 49/mo


2- TrustPulse


It was studied that the majority of visitors (approximately 98%) leave your online store buying anything, and 70% never come back again because they don’t think as trustworthy.

Here, you will have to leverage the true power of social proof to increase your site conversions as fast as possible. Mostly importantly,

Are you wonderingWhat is social and why is it important for your WooCommerce WordPress Store?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people copy other people’s actions because they assume that what others are buying from an Ecommerce store is the right fit for them as well.

Studies show nearly 70% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase.

And, Nielsen’s Global Trust ( global measurement and data analytics company ) revealed in its Advertising report:-
“Customers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when making purchasing decisions.”

A true tool which can help you greatly in this regard is TrustPulse: It gives users fine-tuned control to skyrocket your conversions, with zero difficulty.


1- Smart Targeting
2- Lots of design options
3- Detailed and data-driven analytics
4- Easy Setup
5- Easily integrable on any website


1- Basic = $ 39/mo
2- Plus = $ 99/mo
3- Pro = $ 199/mo
4- Growth = $ 349/mo


3- WPForms


Have you ever thought why you need a contact form on your ecommerce store? If not. Here, I’m going to share why having a contact form is important for you:-

a) Contact form helps reduce spam (Because, if you email address is exposed, chances it will land into wrong hands of spammers).
b) Contact form is helpful for lead generation. These forms help in collecting email addresses which online stores can utilize for email marketing for connecting with targeted audience.

Now you must be looking for a contact form builder after this fact-checking. Here, I’ll recommend you to use WPForms: Drag & Drop WordPress Plugin.


a) WPForms comes with pre-built WordPress form templates that can be easily customized, so you don’t ever have to start from scratch unless you want to.
b) This plugin allows you to create contact forms, online surveys, order forms and donation forms and other WordPress forms in just a couple of clicks with zero code.
c) Easy-to-Embed
d) Form templates and Responsive mobile-friendly
e) Spam protection


a) Elite Package = $ 299.50/mo
b) Pro Package = $ 199.50 / mo
C) Plus = $ 99.50/mo
d) Basic = $ 39.50/mo


4- Product Import and Export for WooCommerce

product import

Ecommerce business is high in demand and no eStore owner has time to spend on trivial tasks such as uploading data.

So, here comes Product Import and Export for WooCommerce: A plugin which lets you import and export product details to your WooCommerce shop with a CSV file.

So, if you’re running an online store, you don’t need to enter all the details of any product in WooCommerce. Just prepare your data in a spreadsheet, Product Import and Export for WooCommerce will do the rest of the work.

Below is a video explaining the complete process of installing Product Import and Export for WooCommerce in few steps:


1- Import or export products to your eStore via URL or CSV/XML
2- Product Filter by Type and Category etc
3- Bulk updates
4- Support for multiple product types: Variable, Simple, Group, External and Custom
5- Multilingual Support


1- $69 for a single site
2- $99 for upto 5 sites
3- $199 for upto 25 sites


5- Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

direct checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is a big failure in the ecommerce world. An online store with abandoned carts fail to generate revenue and is doomed to fail. In practical, it happens when an online shopper adds items to the cart, but leaves your WooCommerce store without completing sales.

Is your business prone to cart abandonment? It is one of the common business problems. But, don’t worry – WooCommerce direct checkout is really helpful for you. It skips the shopping cart page and simplifies checkout process.

This plugin redirects a customer to the checkout page as it adds ‘Add to cart’ button in every product. It makes transactions quick and smooth. that leads to high increase in sales.


1- Speed checkout process
2- Remove checkout fields
3- One page checkout
4- Quick purchase button


Direct Checkout for WooCommerce is free plugin.


6- YITH WooCommerce Social Login

A study in 2018 conducted by Global Web Index – A London-based market research company, revealed: – “54% of social browsers use social media to research products.”

It says – If you’re not on social media, you’re not anywhere. As a result, you’ll not be able to make sales at your WooCommerce store and no revenue means no sustainability.

Therefore, you should use YITH WooCommerce Social Login: A plugin which allows potential clients access your Ecommerce stores through their social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It is one of the top best plugins for WooCommerce which is incredibly helpful for online retailers and online shoppers in three ways:

a) You can manage your WooCommerce store accounts of social media channels easily.
b) Visitors can access your eShop using their social media accounts.
c) You can convert leads into prospects because online shoppers like to buy from eStores which allow social logins. As a result, you will be able to increase your conversion rates and online sales.


This plugin automatically adds ‘Login buttons’ in the following pages: –

a) Checkout Page
b) WordPress Login
c) ‘My Account’ page


a) Single Site = $69.99
b) 6 Sites = $129.99
c) 30 Sites = $ 189.99


7- Booster


Booster for WooCommerce

Do you want a multi-purpose WooCommerce plugin for Ecommerce store? Give a Booster try. It is definitely a multifunctional and most helpful WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

It is easy to use and helps its users manage various tasks at the same time. You don’t need to install different plugins for different tasks – Booster has got you covered. It will add many functionalities to help your WooCommerce stand out.

Are you wondering — How?

For example, your online store will show location-specific currencies as per visitors’ current region because it adds all world currencies in your WooCommerce WordPress store. You’ll not have to change the currency yourself — Booster will make this process automatic.

Likewise, currency exchange rate is another important factor for the success of an ecommerce store. Especially when selling products to global audience— this plugin adds automatic currency exchange rates for WooCommerce-powered stores.


1- Bulk Price Converter
2- Bookings
3- Cross Sells & Upsells
4- Payment Gateways by Shipping and Payment Gateways by Shipping etc.
5- User Tracking
6- Email Verification
7- EU VAT Number


Booster for WooCommerce is completely FREE. For high boost in your storefront revenue, I would recommend you to upgrade to Booster Plus: A premium version of most-effective WordPress WooCommerce Plugin.

1- Single Site license for 1 year = $49.99
2- Single Site license for Lifetime = $79.99
3- Unlimited Sites license for 1 year = $ 79.99
4- Unlimited Sites license for Lifetime = $149.99


8- MonsterInsights

monster insights

It is inevitable for your to have Google Analytics integrated on your WooCommerce eStore. Because, you can’t come to know what are the behaviors of your audience on your Ecommerce store, what products do they like most and what is keeping them buying anything for your online shop without having flawless data at your disposal. Without analytics, you won’t know what’s improving and what’s NOT.

Therefore, here comes Google Analytics for your help. But, wait —- It’s not easy to set up Google Analytics to track data manually and it’s time-taking procedure – most of the times.

But, MonsterInsights: The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, always helps you in WordPress WooCommerce store.

It enables you to make quick and actionable decisions to help you increase your storefront revenue.


1- Ecommerce Tracking
2- Outbound Link Tracking
3- EU Compliance
4- Affiliate Link Tracking
5- Google AMP Tracking
6- Logged- In User Tracking


1- Agency = $ 399/mo
2- Pro = $ 199/mo
3- Plus = $99/mo


9- PayPal for WooCommerce


WooCommerce and PayPal both are number one in their respective domains. WooCommerce is the most popular and widely used Ecommerce platform. Whereas, Paypal is the world’s best payment method used in online transactions across the globe.

If you’re thinking of establishing your WooCommerce shop, there are dozens of options available for you, but Paypal comes built-in with best feature to help your WooCommerce websites and online stores thrive.


1- PayPal handles security of all online transactions.
2- Free extension to help you setup PayPal business account
3- In-context express checkout: A feature which speed up payment process without customers’ needing to leave your store.
4- PayPal Checkout with Smart Buttons
5- PayPal Credit (Only for Users in the USA)


PayPal for WooCommerce is FREE plugin.


10- WooCommerce MultiLingual


WooCommerce Multilingual is the best plugin for WooCommerce which lets online store owners showcase variants of products in different languages breaking communication barriers.

Being a multilingual eStore is one of the most common practices for the success of an Ecommerce business. That’s why; this top-notch plugin is effective for you, if you have clientele living across the globe.

An amazing thing with this plugin is that — It’s highly compatible with all other extensions which you require to make your online store run better and lucratively such as:-

a) WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping
b) WooCommerce Tab Manager
c) WooCommerce Bookings
d) WooCommerce Subscriptions


1- One-Time Solution and 24/7 Multilingual Support
2- Translation Management System for over 40 languages spoken across the world.
3- Translation support for texts on plugins and themes.
4- Multilingual Ecommerce


a) If you want to use this WooCommerce Multilingual plugin on your WooCommerce WordPress store, it will cost you $79.
b) With a WordPress blog, it will cost $29.
c) For agencies, working on multiple multilingual websites, it costs $159.


Final Word – 10 Best Plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugins have achieved great success in a span of a few years. They are efficient, cost-effective and highly customized to meet the expectations of online store owners.

That’s why; In this blog post, I discussed about 10 best plugins for WooCommerce. Not just preaching, I practiced all of these plugins — they don’t just claim perfection, but also earn it.


Do you believe these are 10 powerful plugins for WooCommerce? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below:

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